Stunning, memorable and unique.

Gone are the days of one-size fits all. I believe that weddings should be about personal choice, inspired by the couple, their story and their life together.


No two relationships are the same and every couple’s journey of love is unique and special. Your wedding is a celebration of your journey so far as well as your continuing adventure in life together.


A popular growing choice amongst couples planning their wedding today is to opt for an independent celebrant to officiate the ceremony. 


With so much choice out there to personalise every aspect of your special day, have you thought about how you’d like to personalise your ceremony? 

My individually tailored ceremonies are created and delivered with genuine warmth and feeling. They are designed closely with the couple to reflect their individual needs and personalities. 


Registrar led services are often less than personal and heavily restricted in way of content and personalisation. A wedding led by a Celebrant offers you the chance to have your ceremony exactly how you’d like it. Make it entirely personal, about you, to your timing and at your choice of location.

Whether planning a wedding, an affirmation, or something less conventional, the couple’s enjoyment of the ceremony is paramount to me. Everything you’ve ever dreamt your wedding to be, I can make a reality. 

Weddings officiated by a Celebrant can be performed in licensed and unlicensed venues! Be it in a field in a converted barn, at home, or on the beach in Devon, you have the freedom to choose somewhere that’s meaningful to you. 

If you'd love a tailored ceremony designed to celebrate your union in a way that is meaningful and personal to you, I'd love to hear from you. I work very closely with couples to get to know them before their big day, designing and creating a ceremony bespoke to them.


I pride myself on building genuine relationships with those I work with, resulting in a beautifully constructed and memorable ceremony, as traditional or non traditional as you wish, with added personality. 

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