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My services are meaningful, personal, bespoke, ceremonies that are  full of love and warmth, and yes there’s laughter too , sometimes even in the funerals … at times it can be just the thing, especially if there are good stories to be told…. And we all love a good story don’t we? It’s so lovely when you see people recognising the stories, and smiling and laughing as they recall the good times in their shared past.


Born in Liverpool, a stone’s throw from the magnificent River Mersey, the river is massively important to me, it has a big place in my heart. I have very fond memories of picnics with my lovely mum and my sisters sharing a flask of tea and butties wrapped in tinfoil, running around playing games, or just cuddling up to mum and sitting watching the river. And now as a mum and a nan myself, I’m still drawn to its power and majesty.


I can’t resist a quick dip followed by a warming flask of tea. It doesn’t matter where I am in the world, if there is a body of water, I’ll be wanting to get in there!

I have lived and worked in my hometown for most of my life, I’m a true Liver bird! I love our vibrant city.

About Me

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The story so far

My Ceremony Style

Before becoming a celebrant, I taught in both mainstream and Special Educational Needs schools for over 20 years.  This suited my naturally compassionate and warm personality, and  I loved the fact that there was never a dull moment. I loved being able to work closely with families and make a small difference in People’s lives.


It turned out that teaching was a perfect springboard to becoming a Celebrant. The interpersonal skills that I had developed, and my love of working closely with kids and their families was something that I didn’t want to just give up. Being a celebrant means that I can still do something wonderful. I can share the love….and that is what it’s all about.


I absolutely love my job and, as a celebrant,  I didn’t believe people when they said that they loved their job, but now I know that it is actually possible. 

Whether I’m creating a life celebration ceremony, a wedding, civil partnership or a naming ceremony, they are all linked by one really important emotion, and that my friends is LOVE! 

Love is the thing that links us all. Love binds us, and if we are very lucky, love finds us. Love is at the heart OF EVERY CEREMONY I DO. 


As a celebrant, I have the privilege and honour of creating and delivering personalised ceremonies for significant life events, leaving people with memories that they can cherish forever.

I pride myself on my highly customised, unique and personalised services. I’m here to make sure that each and every ceremony I’m involved with is inspiring, extraordinary, and unforgettable. 

Let's Celebrate!

Life is short and we should all celebrate more. Whether it be a wedding, a renewal of vows, a funeral, a celebration of life, a baby naming, or any other life event, there are many special occasions for us to mark.

My aim is to always work with my clients , be they couples or families , to make the process as straight forwards as possible, in a way that makes them feel listened to, valued and nurtured and in so doing, create a ceremony that is just right for them, reflecting their values and wishes. 

I am an official member of The Celebrant Directory. the Institute of Professional Celebrants The Celebrants Collective,  and received training via Civil Ceremonies Ltd, in conjunction with the National Open College for Learning. 


Love is at the heart of everything i do.

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