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Every naming is tailored to meet your particular requirements. I design and deliver a ceremony that is unique and created especially for you and your individual circumstances.


Stunning, memorable and unique.

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Happy, Personal

& Relaxed

A naming ceremony is a lovely way of celebrating the birth of a new baby – a unique occasion to share with family and friends. 


Happy, personal and relaxed occasions, your naming ceremony can be held when and where you choose. My naming ceremonies focus on the individual child, their personality and the friends and family that surround them.

Naming ceremonies are a lovely alternative to a more formal and religious christening. They are a way to uniquely and officially acknowledge you extending your family.

Here are some examples of what the naming could include, and you may also want to include other components:

  • Introductions and welcomes

  • Reading or poem

  • Information about the child – their arrival, personality, interests so far

  • Words about the importance and responsibility of parenting

  • Parental promises to the child

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Start Your Journey

White Purple Fern Leaves Facial & Spa Be
Mother and Baby

If you'd love a tailored ceremony designed to celebrate your union in a way that is meaningful and personal to you, I'd love to hear from you. I work very closely with couples to get to know them before their big day, designing and creating a ceremony bespoke to them.

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