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A life celebration ceremony, is a dignified, loving way to say farewell. One that honours, gives thanks for and celebrates a life.


Stunning, memorable and unique.

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Independent Funeral Celebrant

A life celebration ceremony, is a dignified, loving way to say farewell. 

Grief and sadness are always present – yet, with care and sensitivity, clients can be helped to explore the warmer emotions of love, light and where appropriate (yes, sometimes) of laughter too.

It is surprising how, during a relatively short service (this varies from crematorium to crematorium, usually between twenty to thirty minutes), people can be supported to feel a full range of emotions. 

Funerals with Celebrant Wendi

My aim is to support and empower families, friends and individuals to celebrate life, at the end of life, in whatever way they choose.

  • Why choose an Independent Celebrant led Funeral?
    Many families are opting for Celebrant-led funeral services as they want much more control over the content. ​ A celebrant led service can fully reflect the client’s wishes, and people are increasingly looking for a service that fully represents the loved one they have lost.
  • What is an Independent Celebrant led Funeral?
    Civil celebrants can deliver fully secular services, without any religious content or, if the client wishes, some religious aspects can be included. ​ With careful consideration it is possible to create a personal service that takes the family and other mourners on a journey. Helping people to say goodbye in a dignified way, whilst focusing on the person’s life and character.
  • How do you Request an Independent Celebrant Funeral?
    As the client you can contact me directly and let the funeral director know that you will be using your own celebrant. Or you can request that your funeral director gets in touch with me directly instead.
  • What Happens Next?
    A client / family meeting is usually arranged at your convenience in your own home. This will give you the opportunity to sort out the logistics of the ceremony, music, readings and so on. You will then have time to reflect and chat about the person you have lost in depth, and share stories and what you feel is important for people to know about them. I will take notes throughout the meeting, and write a script based on our conversations. I am open warm and friendly and will conduct the meeting in a sensitive manner. ​ Although this is a distressing time for people, clients often say that this initial meeting is helpful and comforting, as it gave them time to think back and focus directly on their loved one; thinking about happier times and shared memories. ​ A full copy of the script will be available for you to check over and approve. The ceremony is then conducted at the appointed time and place with warmth, sensitivity and care.

It is an honour for me to be able to navigate people safely through a difficult time, finding out all about their loved one and creating a service which reflects the life and character of the person. 

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I pride myself on building genuine relationships with those I work with, resulting in a beautifully constructed and memorable ceremony, as traditional or non traditional as you wish, with added personality. 

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